Instruments Out For Sail

Thank you for the consideration of Folktek - we hope you enjoy our work. The works here are for sale (as the page name implies), though not all of these works are entirely built. Much of our work is built on commission - we get started (or get finished, depending on the case) when you order the piece. Some of these works are continuously built and so we have an estimated time to completion based on our past experience. It is an estimate - things sometimes are almost finished and get shipped within days and others take a little longer than expected. Please be patient - the work you receive will be of the highest quality.

If the piece you’re looking at below has a buy now button, it is something that is in the works and prepares to be finished at the time you order it. If there is no button, we’re waiting for the request from you to have it built - so please email and let us know you want it. On comission work we ask for a down payment - either half or the full amount depending on the piece.

If you have questions feel free to ask and if there’s not enough info on any of the pages of the work you‘re interested, please make a request and we’ll see what we can do to remedy.

Thank you for the support of Folktek.

We do offer a warranty on all Folktek works - to be fixed and all return shipping costs paid within 6 months of purchase. After six months if a piece needs a little love, you’ll be welcome to send it back and we only ask that you pay our return shipping. This warranty does not cover damage done by the player/buyer and we do not offer refunds.