Mescaline (preorder deposit)

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Mescaline (preorder deposit) by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 03-23-2017

The price is $699 + shipping. The price is not $50. $50 is the non-refundable preorder DEPOSIT price to ensure that you have a place in line when these are ready to go.

Please Read:

These are out of stock at the moment though we do still have some to piece together so a small number may be available sooner than later. We estimate that the next run will be available again by the end of 2018. They will be limited as well, will be GOLD only and will be version 2 which will be identical, have no major additions but which will have several small changes within the circuitry. They will come assembled.

We are accepting small deposits if you'd like to secure one when they're finished. Your deposit is a down payment for your gold Mescaline (ver. 2). In the meantime, if we have some remaining copper or silver Mescaline which come to completion, we'll offer them to those who place a deposit. These are non-refundable deposits! (unless) If we were to somehow come to an unresolvable problem with manufacturing, we will refund all deposits...otherwise, they are locked. If you're not 100% confident that you will like to pay when yours is ready, please do not place your deposit. You will be asked to pay the remainder when your Mescaline is ready. Once you've placed your deposit, know that we will be working to fill your order which should be complete in the 4-5 months (current estimate of completion date is August 2018 and it could certainly be done sooner or take longer - it is an estimate educated guess). If you cannot wait patiently, please do no place a deposit. By making a payment via paypal now, know that you are not purchasing a Mescaline system - you are only making a small deposit to secure one in the future. The final price is 699 + shipping and your deposit will be deducted from your final payment. Please do not email us in the coming months asking where the Mescaline are at. We will post updates here but not until there is something to say.


Let's start by saying that Mescaline is one of the finest times you'll have. It might seem intimidating at first but ultimately once you dive in, you realize there was nothing to fear and it's only here to help open you to extreme possibilities. It's capable of creating entire compositions and the possibilities are vast.

  • Each of these boards are eurorack compatible and can be installed in a eurorack system individually or all together. Each has its own eurorack power plug on the back. Each module is 44HP
  • Each of these boards is capable of being powered on a standard 12v adapter. Each has a 2.1mm jack on the back.
  • When used together, all power can be jumped to power all three boards off the same 12v power source or eurorack power source.



A 10 note polyphonic synthesizer with a sweet, warm sound and a huge custom designed reverb which also has an audio input and can be used to process external sound. Channel becomes a powerful effects processor with some very nice DSP designs we've been working on for the past year.

-A touch-based synth which provides a sweet sounding 10 key oscillation based 10 filtered and reshaped analog square wave oscillators, each with a decay on the amp.

-Each key is tuned individually and can be tuned to specific notes on the back via tuning trim pots so you can create intervals or pitch arrangements as you like.

-Master pitch control (with control voltage) lets you change the tuning of all notes simultaneously.

-10 note polyphony and all notes can be triggered.

-Synthesis passes through any of 4 selectable custom DSP effects - reverb which is huge and near infinite, notated tight delay, glitch and another effect which is yet to be decided. Each effect has mix, two controls over effect changes and a low pass filter or damping.

-3.5mm jacks represent audio in, audio out (x2 = right and left), cv in.

-Jumpable headers for all functions as well as power.



Motion is made up of two sequencers with simple but fully-capable function and some added function that other things don't/can't perform that help Mental to really shine. Both sequencers have clock division to break the rhythm but perhaps most important is how the trigger sequencer works - using opto-couplers (switches) to trigger parts within Mental to create sounds, textures and rhythms that voltage sources simply can't. It does this by directly connecting multiple parts within Mental. The CV does a great job of synching Channel.

Motion also has sine modulation (vactrol or cv), gate triggers, resets for the sequencers to determine sequence length, and can got into chaotic territory but jumping voltages into the clock inputs.

-8 part CV Sequencer

-8 part trigger sequencer with multi-add functionality

-5 part clock division for each sequencer

-vactrol-based sine modulation

-3.5mm jacks represent clock in, cv sequencer clock out, cv sequencer cv out, modulation out, trigger sequencer clock out.

-Jumpable headers for all functions as well as power.



Capable of so many things. It's an incredibly unique drum synth that will create odd and beautiful beats for days. It's a Drone synth that's generates some incredibly rich drone with multi-oscillation and in-circuit filtering. It's an audio processor that can take any incoming audio and chop it into place, filter it, distort it and screw it in ways that nothing else does.

-Based on the root synthesis of other Folktek instruments Materia, Mentalis and Matter.

-17 input points to control synthesis and filtering via the sequencer trigger or cv points as well as the clock division points.

-removable breadboard to allow for development and experimentation.

-4 patchable pots to attenuate signals and gain more control *and/or* create direct patches to create drone scapes or use Mental as an audio processor.

-volume control

-3.5mm jacks represent audio out and two vacant with representative headers to input voltage or audio signals from external modules or audio sources.

-send Mental to the input of Channel to add reverb to the signal.

-Jumpable headers for all functions as well as power.



This strong frame is a design which simplifies putting Mescaline together. Designed by Arius Blaze and manufactured by a metal shop in Portland, Oregon. Powder coated black and easily assembled with included nuts and bolts.



Printed Manual: complete details of how to get going. A PDF version is here.

An entire system gets all of the parts and bits and pieces and nuts and bolts to make it all work; the 3 modules, the frame, plenty of dupont patch cables, a small pack of components like resistors and capacitors, 12v power adapter (wall wart) and the nicely printed manual. This coming run will be shipped fully assembled.

Note: The 12v adapter we supply has a fairly short cable. You can easily make it longer by purchasing an extention. Just search "2.1mm extention" (x5.5mm): like this. It will have a female end on one side and male on the other and you can find whatever length you want. If you'd like to add a power switch to the mescaline, get this.



There will be several changes from the prototypes shown on this page and they will be implemented by the time we ship:

  • -Because we'll be reaching our first stretch goal, we'll be adding a potentiometer (knob) control to channel for great effect use. We'll also be adding a header for effect selection.
  • -adding a vactrol to channel for triggering.
  • -The font on Mental and Motion will be larger.
  • -the header text will be numbered.
  • -There will be add and subtract buttons added for both sequencers.
  • -Mental will have it's primary patchbay expanded by two rows for ease of use.

We're spending this time quadruple checking everything and taking note of things that could be improved, so there may be some other minor tweaks in the end. Expect subtle differences in design.

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