Palaces (unpublished)

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Palaces by Arius Blaze.

Release date: N/A

Palaces is currently pre-order and is included in the large and small complete systems.

Palaces is a reverb and delay module which utilizes seven pt2399 delays. As a reverb, the delays run in series pathway and include bright and damp controls to create reverberation with feedback and size control to act more as a spring or a giant plate with stereo output. Switching the path sends all delays side by side to create a more straightforward delay system or a complex weaving of interconnected and offset metapatterns or chaos as the number of delays 1-6 are added to the output. The delays feed into each other at different points of the feedback path so the signal can become very dense.

"Harm" adds harmonic distortion into the path which rises in frequency as the feedback path reintroduces itself creating a dirty pitch-shifted version of the original signal

Additionally a vactrol is placed at the beginning  of the path which allows one to cut off the input and introduce the incoming signal only as the vactrol receives incoming voltage (gates, triggers or cv)..


- vactrol cuts incoming signal

- mix, pre-delay, bright, damp, "harm", feedback, size controls all with with cv

- touch-based switching for signal path mode (parallel/series) with gate input

- touch-based switching for selectable number of delays (1-6) with gate input

- soft slew on feedback for tails

ins and outs

- mono input with gain control

- stereo output

- cv/gate over all controls

light indication for all levels and modes


- includes printed manual, mounting hardware and power connection in a beautiful folktek box.

view the online manual

+ 12v = xma

-12v = xma

+5v = xma

width = 18HP

1" depth (skiff friendly)