Alter Z (unpublished)

Photo of Alter Z

Alter Z by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 10-13-2017

Attention! Our pedals are not yet for sale. Video will come. We intend to have an indiegogo campaign up by the beginning of November. If you would like to be emailed about this, so you can be certain to get in as an early bird contributor, please drop us a line and say so. The normal price of either X or Y will be $349. Our campaign will offer them for significantly less.

Alter X is the pedal version of Alter 1 eurorack module featuring four 1/4" jacks in additon to 1/8" as well as a true bypass soft switch, all built into a bamboo enclosure. 

Though it functions the same as other pedals, this pedal is a little different. Most pedals are made for guitars and then artists may choose to use them in different ways. We made this pedal to work with either standard ¼” jacks (for both input and output) or 1/8” (3.5mm) jacks for use with anything else. For those who like to use CV (control voltage) for any eurorack format, cv keyboard, or pedals which output cv (eg. expression or sequencing), all four of the main knobs have cv inputs (mix, x, y, filter) so you can control your knobs without touching if the desire strikes you.

The panel is 1/8” thick, gold plated pcb (it’s very, very tough) which is mounted in a heavy duty, splined bamboo box that’s shielded on the inside.

Included power is standard for most pedals (2.1mm, -tip)

The switch is soft, so there is no clicking. We’ve noticed during quieter live performances that those clicking buttons really add something to the composition (whether or not you want them to). Inside is a relay for bypass and trails are always on (the effect will continue when bypass is engaged).

We wanted a broad array of effects in each X and Z pedal so each is a mashup of effects which we thought complimented one another when used together. Running X into Z or vis versa creates some powerful changes.