Terran Therasynth

Photo of Terran Therasynth

Terran Therasynth by Ben Houston, Big Pauper.

Release date: 08-14-2013

Price: $1000

Waiting period: 2 to 4 weeks

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Now back in production!!

The Terran is a touch-based cymatic therapy synth with a patchable six key processing interface.  The Terran is capable of producing shimmering lush swells of feedback & sweet evolutionary machine tones.  It's sonic pallette is the essence of science fiction.  Brutal alien holocausts, tender robot love & everything inbetween.  The Terran's copper touch plate is designed with 2 main touch points and ten sub points.  The sub points are fed in to the main points to generate a full body of rich & swelling dronescapes.  The points offer incredibly expressive & responsive hands on control.  It responds well to both delicate and percussive touch. The touch based dronescapes may be further processed by a 14 point patch bay and it's assignable six key touchboard.  As you would prepare a piano you prepare a Terran.  The most desirable timbres are selected by the user and assigned to any of the six keys.  The keys are percussively triggerable in combination with touch point combinations.  Keys struck in a polyphonic manner further expand the sonic possibilities.  

The Terran also features four unique circular touch points on the rim of the touch plate that effect the pitch & timbre. 

The machine comes with a hand crafted manual & power supply.


Audio Samples

fat fuck lull one

massive lull one

sinister lull one

pipe lull one