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The work presented here is presented by players of folktek and not the artists. If you have something you want to post, please feel free, and we may add it to our blog in the future as well. If you'd like to post an audio track, please load it elsewhere (soundcloud for example) and use your embed code to post it up here. Feel free to post anything as it pertains to folktek - video, photos, publications, comments, sounds recorded with folktek works or the VST collection, etc. Your email address won't be viewed or shared and only the name you enter will be seen by the public. Enjoy!

The Players Club

  • 19/Feb | ice storm

    A very belated happy new year to all. Here's a Luminist Garden piece that has been doing bad (or maybe good) things to my speakers. It's all garden - chopped, looped, shifted and effected. Lots of reverb obviously plus resonators and a tiny bit of my new toy, a Moog ring mod. Cheers.

  • 26/Jan | Definito

    Omnichord OM-84 By Folktek- Run in -Electro harmonix Stereo electric Mistress-Boss RE 20 Space Echo.. Picture By :

  • 08/Jan | omnichord _ outer space alarm

    the omnichord in the folktek-version is the main part of that setting. there is also a yamaha pss 100, modified by squidfanny, a little handbuild synth by micheal rucci, a korg er1, run through a WMD geiger counter and rota synth by trax, run through shermen filterbank.

  • 28/Nov | Omnichord, modular synthesizer, pedals - improvisation concert recording

    I improvised this set in a small cinema in Berlin, with the Folktek Omnichord at its center. Processing of said Omnichord was done via FX pedals and a Eurorack modular synth. If you like what you hear, I have a new album out which you can find on my homepage.

  • 02/Oct | suitcase music

    there are two folktek instruments, the microgarden and the omnichord, which are part of a setting of circuit bending instruments, packed in old suitcases. the music nd dance-sequences are recorded at the wabi-sabi pavillion ( )

  • 22/Sep | minimal dust

    that video shows the pulsating sound-possibilities of the modified omnichord. combined with two special delay devices (rainbow machine and memoryman), there is a psychodelic atmosphere emerging.

  • 20/Sep | ghostship

    the omnichord, modified by folktek is one of my favorite circuit bending instruments. there is a lot of extraordinary soundpossibilities. the main soundcharacter is melancholic, yeah. i combined the instrument with rainbowmachine by earthquaker devices and memoryman by electro harmonix.

  • 28/Jun | Ghostly Garden

    Turns out that sending a Luminist Garden through Resonattor, Dieter Zobel's Reaktor effect, is a lot of fun. Here's the result.

  • 25/Jun | Palm garden

    Here's a Luminist Garden blended with a Drone Commander to form the foundation for a little ramble. Stay with it - something does happen.

  • 25/Apr | Bobby Womack - Please Forgive My Heart

    Beat made with the Sentient Drum scape. hot shit - get the album!

  • 26/Mar | Feeding the Micro Garden through the AS Telemark

    Test with the Folktek Micro Garden, patched into the Analogue Solutions Telemark. The Roland XP50 is used as a MIDI keyboard in this short film. Just tinkering around, not a real song structure, just trying to teach the Telemark and Micro Garden to work together :) Sorry for the volume jumps, I recorded without any effects or limiter/compressing. Only the Folktek Micro Garden and the Telemark, as is.

  • 20/Mar | What monster have I created...

    Photo from

    The Folktek Flightcase (Micro Garden and EHX Holy Grail pedal in a custom-made case) hooked up with the Analogue Solutions Telemark -- for that nice, filtered, analogue sound!

  • 06/Mar | Folktek Omnicord shortfilm score

    I have already posted the exit music for this short film, now here is the trailer that features almost the full length of the score. All sounds are from a Folktek modified Omnicord, with the exception of the drones. Those are ringmodulated rhodes sounds. It took only a few hours to compose and is mostly played live, with some later adjustments as the movie editing progressed.

  • 18/Feb | the magnetic bug, talking to itself

    a chaotic, nasty, grimey, splittering and crackling soundscape - sometimes aggressive, sometimes melacholic, all the time surprising and fresh. great !

  • 17/Feb | Folktek Omnicord used in exit music

    Photo from

    I used the Folktek-modded Omnicord for almost all music in a short film called "Cowboys and Indians". Even the exit music I wrote and you can listen to here starts with the lovely noises this instrument can produce.

  • 10/Jan | omnichord and rainbow machine _ melting sound

    the melancholic and fragile sound of the omnichord(modified by folktek), connected to the rainbow machine and a simple delay, creating some dreamy and trancy soundscapes.

  • 28/Nov | My last experiment with Luminist Garden

    Photo from

    This is my last song played with my Luminist Garden and an Access Virus TI snow.

  • 04/Nov | Impressionist Drum Scape Xii - Demo 01

    Photo from

    Ambient/Drone/Noise Madness

  • 22/Oct | Hunting for bugs

    Lagos Real, Bahia. Fresh from the undergrowth.

  • 22/Oct | TIMAS 23 "Vimana"

    Photo from

    TIMAS 23 "Vimana" Edit from the 65 minute track. Captures the essence of these flying machines described in Indian Sanskrit epics. Chariot of the gods, any mythical self-moving aerial car sometimes serving as a seat or throne, sometimes self-moving and carrying its occupant through the air; other descriptions make the Vimana more like a house or palace, and one kind is said to be seven stories high. Features many Folktek units.

  • 27/Sep | emotions of the microgarden

    i like different kinds of noises, and there are a lot of very interesting possibilities useing the microgarden. really fun! thanks!

  • 25/Sep | Sharing a new mix.

    Photo from

    Just thought I'd share the first episode of Radio Free Ether... a bi-monthly radio show featuring lotsa soul/psych/noise/electronics, etc. Something to get my deejay chops up. Open noise/electronic/ambient submissions are encouraged... if you'd like them featured on the show please hit me up at tokenrecluse (at) gmail (dot) com Cheers!

  • 13/Sep | Constant Gardening

    Early adventures with a garden in London. Thanks to Arius and all at Folktek.

  • 07/Sep | Luminist in Live

    Photo from

    This was the first time I played my Luminist Garden on a stage live, with my rock band –EIT- from Italy. I played it using “wave reverb mode”, on a slowly drum machine synth-sound. People have immediately been catapulted in another dimension, made of ethereal atmospheres... After the swoh, a lot of people have congratulated me, both for the beauty of the sound, and for the aesthetical charm of the Luminist!

  • 05/Aug | Klirrfaktor: Folktek Luminist Garden & Modular System

    Folktek Luminist Garden & my modular system

  • 22/Jul | i am a hotel_using omnichord/folktek

    that fragile sound is really great, thanks! martin

  • 17/Jul | Dreaming of Eyes /#/ Carved From Quartz

    Photo from

    Hey, My name's Simon Bird, I'm and independent Dublin based musician. I just released my 4th ep which you can stream or download for free here. It's a 16 minute long seamless track blending drones with a lot of sample based stuff. I used the Folktek sample collection a lot in it so you can probably spot some of the signature Folktek sounds throughout. Hope you enjoy, Cheers.

  • 16/Jul | Luminist Gardening

    Roy Harter, sound designer extraordinaire at SkinnyMan in NYC playing his Folktek Luminist Garden

  • 05/Jul | waltzing the microgarden

    the microgarden is one of my favorites. there is a lot of colours of sound, the handling is great and it looks phantastic - a real artwork for the eyes also. at my improvisation i added an external delay too(echopark), but with that exception no other effects are used. have fun! martin

  • 17/Jun | our experience with folktek

    Photo from

    first video about our experience of many electronic devices, each of them used in a quadraphonic way

  • 13/Jun | Circuit bent video ft. folktek instruments.

    Hey everybody, This is video I made for my track "the Stale Breath of 1000 Lucrative Club Bangers." The video features a plethora of circuit bent video pieces I have made ( The track features extensive use of the Pendulum Translator (bug family) and Ben's modified omnichord for the textural elements in the second half. Check it out and if you like it please pass it along. Cheers, BP

  • 13/Jun | Folktek instruments all over this shit..

    Photo from

    Hey all, this is Drew with Folktek and I just finished an album for Fake Four/Circle Into Square that features a plethora of Folktek instruments buried in it. Thought you might be interested in checking it out. Featured are various incarnations of the bug, the time machine, both modified omnichord models and various elements from the Folktek Collection Vol. 1 for Kontakt. "Beyond My Means" is available from the link above. Only in 30 sec sample form, but I'll throw up the full thing streaming on bandcamp soon. Free tracks on the net at: Hope you enjoy and cheers, bp

  • 22/May | The Micro Garden live

    Photo from

    The first time the Folktek Flightcase, including a Micro Garden and an EHX Holy Grail reverb pedal, went on stage with my ambient band For Greater Good. All went well, got a lot of curious looks afterwards. People came up to the stage after the gig to look at it, and they all found it a highly original and amazing instrument :) Yay folktek! Yay us!

  • 27/Apr | In Vitro Metabolism of Insect Neuropeptides

    Photo from

    This track consists of a number of virtual instruments from the Folktek collection. I've used various sounds for some of the percussion, pads, FXs and most notably the bassline which has been overlaid on a basic sub patch. It was compiled in Cubase 5 with excessive use of the pitch and warp tool on the bassline to create variation in the sound. The result is a rather heavy growling bass sound unlike anything I've heard in the 'dub-step' genre. Definitely going to invest in an insect after playing around with this sample pack.

  • 10/Feb | folktek collection volume 1 demo

    performing on an enormous MIDI keyboard keyed in to a variety of patches from the Folktek Collection Vol. 1 for Kontakt. The first patch is the "Classic Strum Velocity" instrument - a velocity sensitive multi-sample glitch beast (5-9 different glitches on each key) . Later demonstrated is the Achilles Tape Loop patch, a lo-fi time machine based instrument, and The Shrill Cops Eat Flowers preset based on a rare one-off instrument by Arius Blaze. Hallucinogenic brain-feed visuals by Big Pauper. ( Original Patches also by Big Pauper.

  • 02/Nov | Conflicted Stargazer

    Photo from

    This composition initially started as an improvisation, and then grew both in layers and in length. It uses both the Folktek modified Omnichord OM-250m and the Micro Garden rather extensively, along with a Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer. The Blofeld was used mainly for its lush pads and to provide an ambient environment, while the Folktek instruments are used to create a storm-like tension within the use of texture, rhythmic variation, and dynamics. There are times that the Micro Garden generates a constant, hypnotic pulse that is truly otherworldly. The juxtaposition of technologies and sounds can feel both ancient and modern, perhaps in the way that Atlantis, or ancient Mayan culture might be felt or visualized.

  • 24/Oct | Ghost Colony


    an improv featuring my new Drumscape(recently seen on the Folktek blog!) Thanks Arius and Ben!

  • 24/Oct | Plutonia

    an improv in celebration of the new FOLKTEK site. The Folktek Pluton provides much sound along with my Serge Creature/Seq A combo plus fx.

  • 24/Oct | Stacked Hive

    an(live/looped) improv featuring my Folktek Subharmonic Field, a Critter and Guitari Pocket Piano, an Arp Odyssey loop and various

  • 24/Oct | off world EP made with Folktek gear

    Photo from

    Norwegian noise, ambient, sound-art made with Folktek gear: DroneScape X, Micro Garden and Luminist Garden. All recorded live and no editing done.

  • 23/Oct | Izzy's first try with the Folktek Micro Garden

    Playing FolkTek's Micro Garden through a simple Behringer UB1204FX-PRO mixer with a cathedral-like reverb. Super for eerie soundscapes. IZ.

  • 19/Oct | Arcana Red "Bent out of shape"

    Photo from

    "Bent Out Of Shape by Arcana Red is a track done almost exclusively on the modified Folktek Omnichord OM-250m with external patchbox. The OM-250m sounds are not altered except for some reverb on the right channel. This track emphasizes the potential for interesting glitch textures and rhythmic patterns on just one of the voices (strings), and just one patch configuration using five magnetic patch cables while pressing multiple magnetic keys.

  • 19/Oct | Izzy's Folktek Flightcase Parts 1 and 2

    The Folktek Micro Garden, built in a self-made flightcase, and chased through a Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail plus pedal...

  • 19/Oct | Kegel - The Voyeur's Apprentice (version)

    A long track that makes use of a Folktek Pluton, Drumscape, and Custom Bug (sometimes through a Zvex Fuzz Factory). A Korg Mini-Kaoss Pad processes a few of the above. My Genoqs' Nemo, Machinedrum, and Nord Lead complete the gear glut. One of my favorite pieces.

  • 19/Oct | Ether^ra Tomorrow Knows

    an improv featuring a percussive Folktek Feedscape, my Serges, and a Korg MS20 loop.

  • 18/Oct | Video from T.Heau

    Garden winter tune by T.Heau. A very nice composition of imagined snow, fire in the living room and a warm cup of the sweet life.

  • 18/Oct | Luminist Garden in Germany

    Photo from

    "yesterday I have "played" more than 4 hours with this "luminist"! It's a DRUG...can't stop to find out new soundscapes...simply brilliant!"