Argus Bug XX (unpublished)

Photo of Argus Bug XX

Argus Bug XX by Ben Houston.

Release date: 10-30-2015

Price: $550 to $650

Waiting period: 1 to 2 weeks

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Here is a new Bug work,  4 reconfigurable magneticly patchable knobs let you connect through the  hand etched patchbay. The Bug's controls let you  create and tune a field of glitch based noise and sonic splatter. This piece Features 4 magnetically patchable kobs that let you tune each connection, 2 strobing light patches for intermittent sound and juggeling, Power starve knob, global tune, Activate and Freeze "button/switches",Reset button,red lamp, and a 1/4 out.  Housed in a antique projector case!

For more info on bugs and insects including videos sounds and more details:



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