Bugs and Insects = overview

Photo of Bugs and Insects = overview

Bugs and Insects = overview by Arius Blaze, Ben Houston.

Release date: 07-02-2010

Price: $500 to $1000

Waiting period: 2 to 8 weeks

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The bugs and Insects are an extensive body of work. For the sake of consolidating sounds and video you can get the idea of what all current bugs and insects are capable of here.

Currently our bugs and insects are capable of capturing all of the sounds that all previous models have been capable of. The only exception being the "Insect" by Arius Blaze, which has added features that make it capable of a bit more.

If you're considering buying and Insect or Bug or co-missioning a work, check out everything we have to offer here.


Audio Samples

bug sounds sampled

double bug

bug sounds sampled - composed by ABlaze

double bug