Feedback Harmonizer

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Feedback Harmonizer by Arius Blaze.

Release date: N/A

One of the Feedback Harmonizers; an acoustic electronic work that utilizes a sound board to generate feedback. The acoustics travel into an onboard contact microphone, into a delay, into an osc and out the speaker on the soundboard. The result is a very sweet and nasty sound that can be played soft and quiet or very loud and overdriven. The onboard speaker makes it entirely portable and standalone as well as assisting with the feedback aspects. The unit has a blue glowing lamp, is tunable, has 1/4" output and runs on a 9v battery. The strings can be easily replaced if needed.

This was meant to be played with an ebow and is a suggested addition. The feedback harmonizer is an instrument to be mastered. Samples Below were recorded on a minidisk recorder and into a direct mp3 recorder...Unfortunately they are not of the highest quality, a bit quiet and a little disappointing. But for the time being it's what's available. They were meant to cover a range of what is possible with this piece but there is much missing. enjoy




a bit of a trashy video, but it's what's available