illuminists garden

Photo of illuminists garden

Illuminists garden by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 08-04-2011

This model of garden is no longer available. It has been replaced by the "Resonant Garden".

This is the expanded Luminist Garden - an enormous body of sound from micro acoustics - also featuring an audio input with balance control.

Video is here! Note that the illuminist is capable of everything the Luminist and Micro gardens are - just more of it, more possibilities and more depth to the sound. So watch those videos and listen to the samples.

Where the luminist is an expansion of the Micro Garden, this Illuminists Garden takes the Luminist a step further, consequently becoming the next step in the evolution of the garden series.

The Illuminists garden features an added circuit - a duplicate of the "wave reverb" in the Luminist but additionally adds options for each wave reverb to act as an analog style delay instead, adding a huge dimension of wave possibilities for sweet choral drone or added depth to acoustic micro beats. The original delay in the Micro and Luminist Gardens is still present with delays from micro-notated tight to roughly 1.5 seconds.

The 1/4" input allows you to send any audio signal in and balance it with the internal pickup of the sound board to use the illuminist as a standalone processor or mix the external sound with that of the soundboard.

The illuminist features all custom switches (x3) and lamps (x2), 1/4" outputs (x2), 1/4" input with balance knob, and a standard 2.1mm jack (for 9v operation). Dimensionally there is an added 4" to the body and soundboard width while subtracting approx. 1" in depth

I will supply a US power supply if you live in the US and can supply an EU version by request. One will not be shipped with the garden if it's not asked for. The psu is quite standard and will not be difficult to find.