Roam (unpublished)

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Roam by Arius Blaze.

Release date: N/A

Roam is currently pre-order and is included in the large complete system.

Roam is a utility created out of a desire to add an envelope to a sequence without the need for that envelope having to receive a constant voltage until it gets high. It runs itself when it receives a trigger or gate signal - triggerable.

Containing two Attack/Release circuits which each allow for triggering to allow the attack to rise with a simple gate or trigger and to reset upon recieving another. These can also be set to loop with the touch control. Add to that clock inputs and touch-based clock division/multiplication of 2x, 1x, 1/2 or 1/3, controls for attack/release timing with cv, inverse output and EOC (end of cycle). With a clock signal incoming, the envelope will trigger with each clock pulse but with that, the trigger input can still be utilized - which works well to create polyrhythms.

With the inclusion of the clock multiplication/division, sending an audio oscillator to the clock input

If desired, there is a jumper on the back which, when removed, will alow Roam to behave as a classic envelope (rising only with a constant voltage applied).

Control (x2)

- Attack and Release with cv

- Touch-based clock division/multiplication of 2x, 1x, 1/2, 1/3

- Touch-based loop function


Ins and Outs (x2)

- trigger input

- clock input

- cv out

- inverse cv out

- eoc (end of cycle)

- cv over attack and release time


- includes printed manual, mounting hardware, power connection in a beautiful folktek box.

view the online manual

+ 12v = xma

-12v = xma

+5v = xma

width = XHP

1" depth (skiff friendly)