Distort (unpublished)

Photo of Distort

Distort by Arius Blaze.

Release date: N/A

Note that the face of Distort is available in Gold or Copper (see images). Let us know which you'd like when you check out (you should be able to add a note in paypal when making payment),

Distort is a very dirty and beautiful thing. A distortion, yes...a waveshaper with its own character that can dirty up even the best of them.

At it's root is, in part, circuitry from matter. If you own matter and have ever developed a patch which allows you to send audio in and dirty it up, you'll recognize the warm, distorted, analog glow of Distort. 

Six pots, each with cv input allow you to manipulate, dirty-up, filter, and mix a signal. Each knob and/or cv has an indication light. Using cv input for any control turns the knob into attenuation of the cv.




ma +12v

0 ma -12v

0 ma 5v

6HP width

25mm depth

view on modular grid: