Elysian Drum Scape (lmtd final edition)

Photo of Elysian Drum Scape (lmtd final edition)

Elysian Drum Scape (lmtd final edition) by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 08-22-2014

These are sold out and the final run in complete.

This is essentially the same as the Elysian Drum Scape. A revision of the oak box, a little tweak here and there and bang...


This drum scape is a small series of works created by Arius Blaze.

The Elysian is capable of everything the other drum scapes are - with exactly the same oscillators and delay, but Voltage Control (1/8" CV) has been added to integrate into other analog systems/cv sequencers. Control over the oscillators as well as the delay time.

The boxes are oak, 1/8" output jack, 5x 1/8" cv jacks, control over delay time (from extremely notated tight to about 1.5 seconds with near infinite repeat for loops), control over each of the oscillators with custom brass keys for each, 2 custom lamps glow warm white, custom switches for delay time and drum  mode (3 modes).

For more info, videos, sounds and examples of other drum scapes, go here; http://folktek.com/instruments/quadrum/drum-scape-overview

I will supply a US power supply if you live in the US and can supply an EU adapter by request. One will not be shipped with the garden if it's not asked for (because I'll assume you'll be getting one for your own country and will have no use for a US style plug). The psu is quite standard and will not be difficult to find. 12v, 1A, 2.1mm barrel, positive tip

Ships in 1-2 weeks