Photo of Aether

Aether by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 08-05-2014

Price: $1220 and up

Waiting period: 1 to 3 weeks

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There have been some changes to the final design that aren't reflected in the photos and video. They are as follows;

All instruments within the Triad and modular extentions of the Triad will have 1/8" input/output jacks - not 1/4". All CV and clocks will have banana jacks, not 1/8". Ports and connectors will be added to the final boxes to fascillitate future modules. If you're conemplating getting materia or aether, please consider these changes. Images will be added when the opportunity arises.


*This piece is part of a triad and made to connect with a synthesizer called "Materia"and or "Mentalis" which greatly expand the possibilities and sounds. Materia demos solo and with Aether will come soon. Materia provides its own clicky poppy deliciously odd drum sounds and rhythms via trigger-based sequencing, touch-based wierdness, CV sequencing to control and synchronize with Aether as well as more touch panels that allow the synthesis of Aether to be heavily altered. It also allows the oscillators of Aether to pass through the user without any audio cables connecting the two(!). The final instrument of the triad "Mentalis" has two output power jacks so all instruments can be powered off the same supply. If both or all three pieces are purchased, jumper cables will be provided to eliminate the need for multiple power supplies.


Aether is a touch based work with a very sweet and rich sound similar to that of the Euphonos Field (though not as broad). It features 10x2 oscillators and an equal polyphony, is capable of connecting with anything that accepts control voltage and also has a set of touch "keys" that transmit CV.

Two touch panels contain 10 responsive "keys" each that represent the primary low oscillators and higher decay oscillators. When the global pitch is dropped, the low oscillators go into a synchronized LFO mode where each key represents a different time signature. The decay section is made to have a natural decay where attack and sustain are controlled by touch. Another panel integrates a more subtle set of oscillators that replicate the decay panel and are made to influence the other oscillators. Finally, the amp section alters the sound of the low oscillators and provides everything from deep, filtering swells to subtle pitch change.

These oscillators travel to a reverb/delay (switchable) that provides an enormous reverb or a nasty tape style delay. Additionally, an external signal can utilize these effects as well. In fact, the synthesis of Aether can be made to pass through the player, into the upcoming synthesizer "Materia" which is then sent into the effect section of Aether where it can be mixed with the original signal how you like.

Control Voltage is as follows; 

Global CV input (+0-5v)

Clock output (to synchronize Materia or anything else with the rhythmic clicking/popping of the low panel when the pitch is dropped. 

CV out transmits 0-5v based on touching the decay "keys". Each key outputs a dedicated voltage in .5v increments.

CV jacks are banana. If you run a system with all 3.5mm, you can either make a converter cable very easily using solderless banana plugs or purchase an inexpensive cable here;


Stereo output, 12v power, custom lamps and switch, bamboo box. 

To clarify;

- Aether oscillators pass through hands without audio cable.

- Aether CV controls Materia synthesis.

- Materia sequencing controls Aether, which is synchronized to Materia triggering but which can run on different timing.

- Materia can send Aether's sound back into Aether to use effects and mix with or without unaltered internal synthesis.

- Materia triggers Mentalis synthesis and travels through Mentalis circuitry to create new sounds.

- Mentalis accepts patching from Materia and allows the use of either modulation or any 4 patchable knobs.It also contains a removable patchbay to create a primitive memory for either or both Mentalis and Materia.

- Mentalis has a single touch plate which offers filtering, overdrive, etc. (similar to Materia) of Aether synthesis which also runs through the hands.

All three instruments can have power jumpered so only one supply is necessary. Mentalis is the power hub.

*Note that because Aether has such large ungrounded surface area with exposed oscillators, there is a general warm sounding drone that is always present from the oscillators themselves - this can, however, be filtered by use of the filter knob.


Shipping is estimated currently at 4-6 weeks. The circuitry is finalized and waiting to be sent into production.

Shipping is $25 US and $50 worldwide.



the reverberant

the delayed

layered 4 track + beat - CV controlled by Electro Harmonix sequencer.


with Materia/Mentalis

with Materia/Mentalis

with Materia/Mentalis

with Materia/Mentalis

with Materia/Mentalis

with Materia/Mentalis