Aether/Materia/Mentalis Triad

Photo of Aether/Materia/Mentalis Triad

Aether/Materia/Mentalis Triad by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 09-20-2014

Please read before ordering:

All complete sets of triads are sold out

*Currently much of this information can be found on both the materiaaether and mentalis pages. the information here will grow as it becomes more available. If you're considering the triad as a whole, you're encouraged to read up on each of the individual instrument pages.

The price reflects a discount to the total when the triad is purchased as a whole.

prices are as follows;

Aether = 1220

Materia = 1250

Mentalis = 1200

Materia + Mentalis Breakouts (@450 each) = 900

total = 4570 + shipping

Complete Triad = 4100 + shipping (470 discounted)


Currently, Materia (and breakout) and Aether ship first to be followed by Mentalis.

There have been some changes to the final design that aren't reflected in the photos and video. They are as follows;

All instruments within the Triad and modular extentions of the Triad will have 1/8" input/output jacks - not 1/4". All CV and clocks will have banana jacks, not 1/8". Ports and connectors will be added to the final boxes to fascillitate future modules. If you're conemplating getting materia or aether, please consider these changes. Images will be added when the opportunity arises.


The complete triad includes the following;

= Aether, Materia and Mentalis

= breakouts for both Materia and Mentalis (connected by user)

= all necessary connectors and the means to make the banana plugs

= 45 degree brackets for mounting breakouts

= power connectors to power Aether and Materia via Mentalis as well as a power switch for all three.

= ports and connectors for future additions


Three instruments designed to function standalone or compliment, enhance and enrich the sound and possibilities of each other. For specific and complete details of any of the three instruments, see; Materia, Mentalis (to come), Aether.

All three can be obtained independantly and will satisfy until they're joined by their soul mates. In the near future, you will be able to buy all three at once and they will include power jumpers so you only need one supply.

Some of the ways in which these three instruments work together;

- Aether oscillators pass through hands without audio cable.

- Aether CV controls Materia synthesis.

- Materia sequencing controls Aether, which is synchronized to Materia triggering but which can run on different timing.

- Materia can send Aether's sound back into Aether to use effects and mix with or without unaltered internal synthesis.

- Materia triggers Mentalis synthesis and travels through Mentalis circuitry to create new sounds.

- Mentalis accepts patching from Materia and allows the use of either modulation or any 4 patchable knobs.It also contains a removable patchbay to create a primitive memory for either or both Mentalis and Materia.

- Mentalis has a single touch plate which offers filtering, overdrive, etc. (similar to Materia) of Aether synthesis which also runs through the hands.

All three instruments can have power jumpered so only one supply is necessary. Mentalis is the power hub.




aether alone (reverberant)

aether alone (delayed)

aether alone (layered 4 track)

aether alone (LFO)

mentalis alone (simple drones)

mentalis alone (building a simple patch part 1)

mentalis alone (building a simple patch part 2)