Electric Hands

Photo of Electric Hands

Electric Hands by Ben Houston.

Release date: 12-17-2007

This piece was created in consideration of sci-fi sonic palm reading , future/past pychic machinery, antique quack technology and the beauty and grace of the human hand. The hands and finger tips are extremely tactile and sensitive. The Electric Hands works to explore the arena of touch based sensual body to electronics and electricity. In this piece a touch based field of copper pads is utilized to create a noise/drone synthisizer, built to be played intuatively. Based on duel ossillators feeding into each other, this piece provides a distinct pallate of sound. Each copper pad is reactive with each other using the hands as a conductor. Soft touches produce soft sounds and pressing the hands down will create hard/loud sounds. Subtle wave transformations can be constructed and subtly morphed or harshly destroyed. Often intermodulation occurs between the circuits for a very rich sound. Other controls include a frequency knob that takes the sound from fissing high to a throbbing low, volume knob and Gain. Unit has a 1/4 inch out. Includes manuel Runs on two 9volt batteries