Folktek Omnichord OM-250

Photo of Folktek Omnichord OM-250

Folktek Omnichord OM-250 by Ben Houston.

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Here we have the modified omnichord model om-250 , I have created a break away box for the mods on this one . Omnichord functions normally without mod unit connected, when you connect the mod unit the beats and chords can be effected in various ways. The Mod unit features a 25 point magnetic patchbay and 12 patchable keys. Any point combination or multiple point combos create glitched out beats and various effects. The patchable keys create a pallete of effects at you finger tips. Patches effect the beats as well as the strum plate and chords. The Sound! Mp3's are encoded in medium quality and mono Sample one covers some of the basic patches being played on the patchable keys and effecting the preset chords. Sample two changes it up a bit and the keys effect playable chords and the strum plate Sample three simply effects the playable chords in a number of ways sample 1 sample 2 sample 3