Photo of Synergist

Synergist by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 04-22-2011

The Synergist is a touch synth built into a custom hardwood box with an intentionally aged touchplate. Designed with 8 osc. and an 8 note polyphony and noise and time points - each osc. is tuned in correspondence to one another to create a full body of notes. The oscillators tie into a delay, the timing of which controls the global pitch of the oscillation (when the time on the delay is lowered or raised, the frequency of all 8 oscillators are lowered or raised accordingly). Thge delay ranges from extremely tight to a longer approx. 2 seconds (getting gradualy dirty and grimier toward the lower end)

The oscillators can be feedback driven to create decay and the level of all touch points can be lowered or raised to either overload the delay completely or create more subtle background drone. This all helps to mix the level with any incoming sound as the an input signal can be sent into the 1/4" in jack allowing for processing of external sources. The selector switch switches between a variety of clean feedback and altered feedback (altered feedback being a more compressed droning sound)

The result is a piece capable of drone or synth lines, very nasty noise and dub massacre. The layout of the touch plate is designed to make it easily playable in a percussive manner. It's also laid out so that metal pieces (coins work well) can be placed between points to acts as switches for drone or connect points to alter the delay signal.

The synergist is similar to several older works, one of which is shown in the video. Due to the nature of the piece and the exposed copper  touch plate, the oscillators will lightly self oscillate creating background noise - this is unavoidable - same as the piece shown in the video. Best for drone and noise work.

There are 5 of these built and ready to ship currently. Sound samples and more video to come.

The price includes shipping to anywhere in the world.

1/4" in, 1/4" out. runs on 9v power with standard size jack and ratings (adapter is supplied for people in the US and it is suggested that folks outside the US supply your own as opposed to using a voltage converter. That said, an adapter will be supplied upon request.)




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