Prima Delay

Photo of Prima Delay

Prima Delay by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 11-12-2004

An older telecom-time machine hybrid.

from the archive;

"This particular piece is in the hands of Tim Skold (Marilyn Manson). The Prima delay consists of two seperate modules that can be used together or independant of eachother... The first is a customized prima section (of the telecom family) - capable of the very grittiest and nastiest of sounds based on grain/pitch shifting (see details on the prima materia). The second and much more expansive section is a delay and sampler. 20 point patchbay with everything from modulation, effect alteration, and grain shift, to tone generation. It can act as a basic synth or it can be used as a sampler. There are also tools for sample sputtering - where the sample switch is continuously turned on and off - which results in instant remixing...And two touch contacts for altering delay time. And it acts as a normal sampler with a very clean sound. The sound is particularly fat and thick - and very digital liquid w/ analog sound. The unit can feedback beyond it's limits for huge dub effects or screaming whistles. The lamps all glow red, the meter works and it's supplied with all accesories including patch cables, battery plugs, chrome battery holders, and manual. Housed in it's own case with removable lid. Many possibilities and much room for experimentation = for example: playing a radio through this piece causes strange interations to occur and entire composition could be done with this alone. Playing the prima through the delay opens up a range of possibilities. and playing the delay through the prima is just terrifying."