Primateria 08

Photo of Primateria 08

Primateria 08 by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 10-02-2004

An early telecom work - much of the info including some photos and sounds were lost.

from the archive;

The "Prima Materia" was originally a series of works created and sold by Arius Blaze over years ago. This particular piece utilizes the old design and gives it a bit of reworking...In addition, housing the piece in a fine old dovetailed box and in the style of folktek also making the switches by hand. The Prima Materia is a low tech pitch shifter and granular distortionist. It takes an incoming signal (via 1/4" input) and lowers the bit rate and allows for pitch shifting, distortion, ring modulation, vocoding and grain shifting. sound samples are of other works either within the original prima materia series or within the telecom family and are representantive of the sound and effect this work produces. This piece will cover every variation that any of these samples display. It will also cover a broad range of grain shifting not really present in the samples. ________ telecom cataract Unus Mundus (this is a track originally created to represent the prima materia - it was created with a mic and mouth sounds running through the prima - uneffected but multitracked...I'm not sure but it may be overloaded due to the conversion.