Photo of Transelector

Transelector by Arius Blaze.

Release date: 07-23-2003

Another fine photo theremin-like device from way back.

from the archive;

This piece was a lot of work to build but cam out very nice. I expanded on the possibilities from the last go round as usual - that said, I always wished I had one of these for myself. These samples are from the shock therapy device also in the trans fam: shock1 shock2 shock3 shock effect1 Inspired by the random and endless. Alien artforms and the unheard made manifest through the senses. Light sensitivity sent into me through fingertips and four shadowed elements controlling the parametrix. A hack in the matrix. An implosion of time that undefines past experience. The interference you interfere with. Secret noises you unknowing contantly live with. Bodies exposed as resistance. All of this - enclosed in a box with limits - attempting to capture the limitless. This synth is controlled optically via 4 light sensors (all 4 with switches) to allow for mulitple parameter controls of the internal synth and effects sections. This, with a layout of 6 touch contacts (used in various combinations to make the player a human resistor) makes for infinite controlling of the very strange sounds that are extracted. The synth section has 8 main waves (playable with the 8 large buttons) and 4 main switches to control the globals - along with a main volume and master pitch control). Pitch control and another odd effect with the optic eyes. The synth can be sent and blended with the effects section to allow the 2 parts to work together. The synth will trigger the effects and create a cross synthesis The effects section has the same number of controls but with an added 7 step pitch shifter for processing internal synthesis, effect synthesis, or any external sound source. The effects section can generate it's own totally unique sounds that have fully playable pitch range via optic eye, pitch shifting with switches or second optic eye, and can be effected in many ways. It also has a vocoder with mod controls and playable pitch, tremelo and vocoder synthesis Run the 2 section through eachother and the results are fascinating The control panel is an original pen and ink made for this piece - coated in a thick resin for an aged appearance and durability. The 2 cylinders are also a resin pour with a constellation of tiny watchparts and oddities - and house the optic eyes Has two 1/4" outputs, two 1/4" inputs, enclosed power switch (so it won't get bumped) in the back, 9v battery operation with holder underneath. the box is high quality with handle and removable lid. The Intereactor is capable of many strange glitchy sounds and waves that no other synth is likely to make - all playable in interactive ways...But it is as much an art piece as it is an electronic instrument. This piece is signed by the artist - Arius Blaze - and includes a small manual. shock effect2