Music Box

Photo of Music Box

Music Box by Arius Blaze, Ben Houston.

Release date: 05-12-2006

The Music Box is a simple and primitive designed controller. A sequencer equipped with 18 banana patch points for controlling patchable analog synthesizers or any patchable music system. It is something of an artifact. Every switch, the cranking system, the panel, the triggers - all hand built. The concept is simple. Turn the crank to activate switches and create a sequence...Each of the 9 switches has 2 banana patch cables associated with it.

The Music Box is built into an extremely beautiful and very well built antique case (lab no. 107). We consider this piece a true usable work of art - designed as though it were locked away in a mad scientists attic for 100+ years and just now discovered. It is built extremely well and will last a very long time.